Can you help?

The club is always looking for individuals who can help with;

Home checks
Transportation of dogs
Fostering until an appropriate home can be found
Inviting prospective new owners to their homes to meet Newfoundlands in a domestic setting and provide sound advice about the breed

Rescue Stories

It is our belief that a Newfoundland dog should not be acquired casually or disposed of lightly but sometimes an owner's circumstances change and the Newfoundland is found to be unsuited to his or her present home. It is on these occasions that we try to find a permanent new home where the Newfoundland will be loved and respected for its unique combination of qualities.


2015 - Danny's background is a little unclear. The owner indicated she was rehoming Danny because he had been living chained to a tree in her backyard in a rural area of Florida. She also indicated that Danny would get loose from the chain and wander into the neighbor's yard who threatened to shoot him. The owner was concerned for Danny's safety and wanted a better life for him. When he came into rescue, he was underweight, matted and afraid to walk on any surface that wasn't dirt. In his foster home, Danny overcame his fears of tile, cement and the like. We also discovered Danny loves children. Danny found a loving forever family with two human sisters of his own.


2019 - This is Ellie who was purchased at Petland in Sarasota. She was well cared for by her previous owner but unfortunately suffered a couple bouts of giardia when she initially came home from Petland, so housebreaking became a challenge. This, coupled with all that puppy energy, was overwhelming to her owner who openly admitted she was in over her head. Ellie found her forever home and a Newfie brother and sister.


2016 - Fiona was found as a stray in the Jacksonville area. No one claimed her. Fiona did great in her foster home and was placed with a family that had two other Newfs. Regretfully, Fiona became aggressive toward the senior female Newf in the household. Despite training and working with a behaviorist, Fiona continued her aggression. For the safety of all involved, Fiona was rehomed where she would be the only dog in the house. She is loved and spoiled by her new daddy.


2017 - Gus was the victim of divorce. The wife did not want him, and the husband could not keep him in the small home in which he was living. Additionally, the husband's infant child was reportedly allergic to the dog. Other than needing treatment for fleas and being neutered, Gus was a healthy, happy dog. Gus found a terrific new home with an experienced, long-time Newfie owner.


2019 - - Nine-year-old Nika was surrendered when her family moved to a new home that did not allow for them to keep Nika. Nika was diagnosed with bone cancer 2 days after coming into rescue. She was rehomed with the family that owned her litter-mate brother. Nika passed away 4 months later.


2015 - Poda was surrendered by her owner because her job kept her away from home for long hours. Poda was a special needs girl; blind due to congenital cataracts. Poda previously had surgery for a torn ACL and came into foster with the other ACL partially torn. While in foster care, Poda was diagnosed with diabetes and required insulin injections twice a day. Poda found her forever home with her foster family.


2013 - Sarge, formerly known as Beast, came into rescue about 1 month shy of his 8th birthday. Sarge was a gift to his former owner from his son. The son passed away in a tragic accident, and Sarge was a painful reminder, so he was left to live outside on the man's property in the Florida panhandle for the 5 years prior to coming into rescue. Sarge had ear infections and eye infections that almost completely impeded his sight. Severe skin infection to the point his skin came off in your hands and he was nearly bald. He had been chewing rocks so the nerves in his teeth were exposed. He smelled more horrible than you could imagine and least of all his problems, he was underweight. While in foster care, Sarge was treated for his eye and ear infections. He received medicated baths and conditioning treatments 3 times a week for more than a month to heal his skin. When he was well enough, Sarge had 14 teeth removed and 32 growths removed from various parts of his body. Through it all, he was absolutely the sweetest, most loving and appreciative dog you could ever hope to meet. Because Sarge lived outside, his skin was so badly sun damaged, his hair did not grow back. Sarge found his permanent home with his foster family. Sarge succumbed to bone cancer in his shoulder about a year and a half after being rescued.


2016 - Stanley was an owner-surrender to Lake County Animal Services. They contacted NEWFFLA because their facility is small and they did not have a kennel large enough for a Newf. Stanley was a healthy, mature 8-year-old Newf. After being fostered and brought up to date on vaccinations, Stanley found his forever home and a Newfie sister to keep him company.