St. Augustine Parade

Every year, the first weekend in December, our club plans a fun-filled weekend in St. Augustine, FL. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, though we manage to have a lot of fun as well! During the weekend, we hold a membership meeting, brown bag raffle, auction (always a highlight of the weekend), Blessing of the Newfs , and of course, we participate in the annual St. Augustine Christmas Parade.

NEWFFLA has been holding this special weekend since 1995, but at that time, we joined with the Southeastern Newfoundland Club (SENC) in Savannah, GA. After a few years, one of our members met with the St. Augustine parade committee and we were thrilled to be included in this event in our home state! We have been participating in this huge parade since 1998. For a time, we were the only dog group allowed in the parade, though within the last few years, other dog groups have been included as well. But the Newfoundlands are the best known and anticipated group! The parade route is lined with people, young and old with big smiles on their faces wanting to see and pet these Gentle Giants. There are so many spectators who tell us they look forward to our dogs every year (of course we know our dogs are spectacular)!

St. Augustine offers wonderful shops, historic buildings, parks, museums, carriage rides and many other interesting activities. Take the time to enjoy being in the oldest city in America or just relax and enjoy the company of friends and Newfs.

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