Can you help?

The club is always looking for individuals who can help with;

Home checks
Transportation of dogs
Fostering until an appropriate home can be found
Inviting prospective new owners to their homes to meet Newfoundlands in a domestic setting and provide sound advice about the breed

Available Rescues

It is our belief that a Newfoundland dog should not be acquired casually or disposed of lightly but sometimes an owner's circumstances change and the Newfoundland is found to be unsuited to his or her present home. It is on these occasions that we try to find a permanent new home where the Newfoundland will be loved and respected for its unique combination of qualities.

Newfoundlands become available for adoption throughout the year. There is a process you need to take in order to be considered for a NEWFFLA rescue. It begins by completing an Adoption and a Membership application. You must become a member of NEWFFLA to rescue one of our dogs and remain a member for the life of the dog. Once the applications are received and reviewed by our Rescue Chair, a home check will be scheduled. The entire application process could take 6-8 weeks.

Once a dog comes into rescue, the foster family begins assessing the dog for temperament, how they get along with humans and other pets, special medical needs and training issues. The assessment is thorough and can take up to 3 months. During that time the Rescue Chair begins reviewing applicants to see who would be the right fit for the dog. It is NEWFFLA's goal to find the best forever home for these rescues. (See Rescue Stories)

Adoption fee is $375.00 and is payable at the time of adoption.

Current Dogs In Rescue

These dogs are in various stages of our rescue process. If you are interested in a particular dog, please reach out to our Rescue Chair for more information: Rescue Chair


Jack is a very sweet boy. He loves to be where you are and is content to sleep near you when inside the house. He loves to play, and will bring a toy over to you when he wants you to play with him. He is great with other dogs of all sizes, and loves to play with them. When he has had enough play time he will just lay down or walk away. He also loves meeting new people. He has not been around cats or children much. He also loves walks, and is doing well with not pulling on an easy walk harness. We are still working on his leash manners and not pulling towards stray cats or his doggy friends. He sometimes pulls towards dogs he often sees in the neighborhood. He knows basic commands like sit, lay down, shake, come, and touch ( he will come over and touch your hand when you say touch), and he is crate trained. I am currently working to improve his recall, it is good in the house but needs improvement on walks where there are distractions.

Thunderstorms do make him nervous and hides in the bedroom to escape them. Jack will counter surf if you are not paying attention. He likes being brushed and will usually lay down and fall asleep when you brush him. He is a wonderful dog, and I think he would do best in a home with no young children. He sometimes gets a little jumpy when playing so there is the possibility that he could knock a child over.


Dudley is a sweet and happy 1 year old puppy. He enjoys morning walks and sniffs around the neighborhood, slowly being exposed to new sounds, sights and people. Dudley is confident on the leash and has a habit of holding it in mouth as if he’s leading you. He’s good with people and strollers that pass by, but still doesn’t understand that when other dogs pass by he can’t play with them. He is very strong on the leash and wants to pull when he sees another dog friend. Dudley is good in the home, sleeps on the floor and likes playing with his rug rope toys. He’s learning to stay off the couch, and has only had one incident of chewing a pillow while we were out at work. He is potty trained and has not had any accidents in the house since we’ve been fostering him. Dudley enjoys chasing and watching lizards and frogs. He would spend all day outside in the lanai chasing them if you let him. Dudley certainly would be suited to a home where he has another doggy companion as he loves other dogs just as much as humans. He’s a typical Newf that will follow you from room to room and give you all the puppy kisses.


Mia came into rescue April 7th, from South Florida. She is a brown/black petite Newfoundland coming in at ~89 pounds. According to records she is just under 3 years old. She has a beautiful coat, expressive brown eyes, and a sweet attached at the hip personality. Mia loves cooling down with the hose after walks and loves smelling air during car rides. She has very basic training. We are working on leash manners, (public greeting, meeting, not tugging, not barking) Recall training and bolting are other issues being worked on. She doesn't get real far when she realizes we're not close behind. Walks seem to take care of "puppy energy" after meals. Overall a lovely dog.